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Cockpit Tables

Hi Everyone, Negligent I have been for not blogging. My only excuse is being very busy covering everyone’s orders for the new years. The most popular items by far have been Companionway Doors, Interior Tables, and Cockpit Tables. Starboard has been popular but teak remains the favorite choice for it’s light weight, and superior strength more »

Door Installation

Pierrick of chocolate, and very good chocolate, wrote of his door installation as follows: Mike; Monsieur Mike of the doors…. I received the doors and all the accessories in perfect condition. Thank you. The strand board door would not fit properly in its grove, because of the boat imperfections. Geometry is never followed to more »

Boarding Ladder for an Island Packet Complement

Island Packet Boarding Ladder Close up Island Packet Ladder Our Cruising Concepts ladder, custom made for us by Mike, has been one of the best additions we have made to our Island Packet 350. Last year we changed from an inflatable dinghy to a fiberglass Bauer 10 but could not get in and out of more »

The Most Asked Question: How Do Your Doors Differ From Others?

To answer this question I talk about workmanship practices, quality of materials, and design philosophy. Under workmanship practices all hinge flaps and screws are hidden except the barrel of the hinge. Hidden hinges denote an elegant approach to any construction by caring about your technique and installation. And yes it costs more. The aesthetic gain more »

Companionway Doors for the Island Packet submitted by owner Neal Doten

Island Packet 38 Companionway Doors Island Packet 38 Companionway doors Island Packet 38 Companionway Doors Mike, good afternoon . . . I just finished submitting a write-up on the Island Packet website. I created a gallery of photos to go with it. I don’t know if you can access the forum entry or the gallery, more »

FAQs, Oh Please!

The most frequently asked question I get from customers is that they wish they could see what is going on in the shop. I am always happy to show off what is at work on the bench just do not look to close as you might see what is not finished and what is imperfect. more »

Companionway Doors

While companionway doors are not a substitution for the drop boards, it is important to pick a robust design. We offer both teak and plastic, Starboard, doors. Teak is the strongest hands down over the plastic as the plastic yields under very little force. That is why we use a 3/4 by 1 3/4 weather more »

Cockpit Floors

My just-finished set of cockpit floor grates for Paul Brother’s Catalina 320. If you have never had floor boards or grates for the cockpit, they are a joy to have. Not only do they look elegant but they are very functional. First the dirt from your shoes or feet fall below the boards or grates. more »


Mike, Thanks for the teak cockpit sole.  As you can see from the photos it fits perfectly and looks great!   Thanks so much.  Just wonderful! Very nice woodworking – I was impressed with the finished product.  Very skillfully done. Best, Jamie   more »

Grating Sysetem for Cockpits

Cruising Concepts just shipped it’s first Island Packet cockpit floor grate to Panama for an IP  350 and here is what the customer just sent us:   You both are the very best!!!! Look at that beauty……..   Alexis A. Arjona L. Vicepresidente Senior y Gerente General more »

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