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Finishing Teak 2.0

We have already gotten to the point of having finished with the penetrating oil and letting it cure. The next step is to decide whether to finish with oil or varnish. First we will discuss finishing with oil. more »

Finishing Teak Part 1.5

Finishing teak will be discussed next after the applications of Ship N Shore. First the sealing coats must be dry. This is easily detected with the palm of the hand touching the wood surface. If the first impression is a coolness to the touch then it can go another day of drying. The assumption is more »

Oil Finishes for Teak

In preparing for oil finishes I use Daly’s Seafin “Ship N Shore” penetrating oil before any other finishing. After sanding I apply a soaking coat and wait 30 minutes before applying a second coat. The first coat is usually absorbed entirely. The second coat sits on the surface mostly and makes sure that all areas more »

Companionway Doors for Catalina 30

Hey Mike, I want to thank you for doing a perfect job on the companionway doors; they fit like a glove, look like they are original doors on the boat–except that the finish you put on them is so clean and shiny that it makes all my other teak look tired and due for an more »

Differences in Workmanship Design and Practices

I like to talk about workmanship practices, quality of materials, and design philosophy. Under workmanship practices all hinge flaps and screws are hidden except the barrel of the hinge. Hidden hinges denote an elegant approach to any construction by caring about your technique and installation. And yes it costs more. The aesthetic gain is well more »

Companionway Doors

Catalina 42 Companionway Doors There is always room for improvement. The interest in the 1/2 acrylic doors has been well received by customers who wish lots of light, no teak, and no screens. Please see the attached photos for the Catalina 42 acrylic doors with stainless steel. An Island Packet customer recently decided in our more »

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