Finishing Teak Part 1.5

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Aug 252013

Finishing teak will be discussed next after the applications of Ship N Shore.

First the sealing coats must be dry. This is easily detected with the palm of the hand touching the wood surface. If the first impression is a coolness to the touch then it can go another day of drying. The assumption is that the dryers are below the surface, evaporating, and cooling the surface. With has much as I apply and soak in upfront several days may be afforded as hurrying up with the first coat of oil simply keeps the oil from curing as fast as it might go. It would seem that the more time up front for curing those first penetrating coats, the faster the next  coats of oil will really be dry the next day. If the oil is cool at the surface just adding another coat in a hurry will disturb the surface below leaving a rough feeling the next day and yet you had sanded it the day before.

That First Coat of Oil:




Oil Finishes for Teak

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Aug 192013

In preparing for oil finishes I use Daly’s Seafin “Ship N Shore” penetrating oil before any other finishing. After sanding I apply a soaking coat and wait 30 minutes before applying a second coat. The first coat is usually absorbed entirely. The second coat sits on the surface mostly and makes sure that all areas have been liberally treated. After another 30 minutes the second coat is wiped back without streaks and racked to dry for several days. Drying may be determined be placing the palm of your hand on the surface once a day until it no longer feels cool to the touch. Sometimes 3 to 4 days is required before the next step.

Locks for Companionway Doors

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Aug 012013

While keyed and combination cam locks for entry ways with rotating arms for Companionway doors are popular none under a $100 wholesale cost are made of all stainless steel. In spite of claims otherwise the internal lock mechanism is made out of steel and zinc. It turns out that only the trim ring outside maybe stainless steel. Usually the stainless steel is nonmagnetic for the 300 series metal. So put a magnet to the rotating arm to prove it. The only keyed entry way made from stainless steel is a hasp from Seadog provided by on their companionway doors.

Don’t get me wrong I will sell you what you want but honestly that little rotating arm’s bending moment requires so little effort that I am ashamed to try to make any claim of robustness. My door construction is the the best and very stout. To complement it with a lock that is a little bit better is so easy and it takes a key all from Seadog Line.


Keeping Up

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Jul 052013

There is no doubt that keeping up on only custom installations from Companionway Doors to exotic inlay in tables makes it difficult to supply in a time frame that you would normally expect from items on the shelf. Then again that is said with a slight of hand with respect to trying to fill all of the orders that may be in process all at one time. I ask all the time in Fall to please order now. Yet while March seems well in advance of any reasonable lead time, it only takes degree sales activity to increase lead times dramatically. I do take responsibility for this and juggle the best we can to satisfy everyone’s individual requirements. At some point I paint a light minded picture by portraying the old triangle of FAST, GOOD, and CHEAP. You may have it fast and cheap but not good. You may have it fast and good but not cheap, and lastly you may have it good and cheap but not fast. Well none of that is fair, so I try to be a good communicator with my customers and that is my best asset after the quality.

Thanks to all of you for a great year,

Catalina 400 Companionway Doors

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Jun 292013

Companionway Doors

One of the features that we really liked on my folks Catalina 36, were the teak companionway doors that they had made. While at the Seattle boat show this winter, we ran into the same gentleman who made those doors and asked him to make some for Legacy.

He has a website at Cruising Concepts and does nice work in teak for all kinds of projects. He isn’t cheap, and he isn’t fast, but I like everything that I’ve seen him do.

The Catalina 400 comes with the typical teak companionway boards. While these are a great for using when out in heavy seas, they aren’t the most convenient for coastal cruising. Catalina provides a handy shelf in the cabin for the boards, but that is space that we would like to use for other things. So the answer was to install some hinged companionway doors that could be left in place, or removed if you like.

My woodworking skills are not that good. Well, most of my skills aren’t that good. So while the installation is not that difficult, it did take me a few hours, which was a couple hours longer than it should have. During the installation, you do have to use a sanding block to adjust the fit of the doors for your own boat. If I can do it, anyone can.

I was pleased with the way they turned out. We opted for teak doors with screens and removable plexiglass windows. Rather than varnish, I elected to just oil the doors.

From outside, doors closed. Notice how you can’t see into the cabin, but just see reflections on the windows.

Outside, doors open.

Inside cabin, doors closed. Notice how well you can see through the dark plexiglass.

Posted by David Hays

Companionway Doors

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Jun 102013

Sometimes just a few words says it all:

“What a beautiful job!! Now I just have to install it.

Bob had decided to go all out and have a varnish finish done to his teak doors. I told him I only do glass like finishes and it would take a while. It looks like he thought it was worth the wait. I will apologize for making him wait so long.


Companionway Doors for Catalina 30

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May 252013

Hey Mike,

I want to thank you for doing a perfect job on the companionway doors; they fit like a glove, look like they are original doors on the boat–except that the finish you put on them is so clean and shiny that it makes all my other teak look tired and due for an update.

From start to finish, the project took just over an hour; it helped that you included both the square screwdriver bit and the drill bit as well, as well as everything else we needed. The installation was simple, straightforward, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

There weren’t many people on the dock on a weekday, but to a person, everyone who saw the doors marveled at how great they look. The quote of the morning, however, was “world-class,” and he was right on the money.

Again, thanks for such a superb job; I’ll be proud of these doors everytime I set foot on the boat.



Tables for the Interior

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May 232013

Table arrived this morning,we set it up last night and it looks beautiful! It’s the perfect fit!
It actually fits better than we expected,and my wife is really happy with it. Thank you! You did a beautiful job!
The checks in the mail,(where have I heard that before?)
I took photos this morning and ill send them from my phone
Thanks again!